Deepest Apologiz (spelled wrong O.o)

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Deepest Apologiz (spelled wrong O.o)

Post by UnknownStalker on Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:44 pm

Wanted to apologize for:

Not being on in the course of liek 2 wekks? maybe not THAT long.... but its been awhile... Some of you know what my mom is like... plus ive had a friend get killed from appendacitice.... if thats how u spell it. And sometiems i would get on - but i want to explore RP options - so i can see where to go - in case i get INCREADIBLY bored with ]H[ (not likely) or incase i get banned.... So please forgive me for not being on. I have probably been on mayb 4/15 days that i HADNT gotten on... I've actually missed it ALOT - and i didnt feel as comfortable in other RPs... they all felt liek NOOB RPGs in place of it. espitally SWRP. It's ridiculous because in order to play - u need to find a master to train you - or build your own - but if u build your own - people wont join because it's not "offical" last time i checked - RPGs were supposed to be fn - not limited by offical or non offical....


i'm back for good HOPEFULLY!! unless somethign comes up again....

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Re: Deepest Apologiz (spelled wrong O.o)

Post by Blake on Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:29 pm

Welcome Back bud

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