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MoM Standstill

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MoM Standstill Empty MoM Standstill

Post by goth113 Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:40 pm

Dear all of ]H[.

By 3:30 GMT tomorrow, all Ministry business will be left to a halt, until Wednesday 2nd April at 5:00 GMT.
This is so everybody will be focused on one thing.

This is due to the ministry needing a total habbo makeover, and we do not have hardly any offices/departments... Which is what we need.

If there are any extreme things you need to do, then PM your situation to me, and i will accept/decline it.

Applications are still open, so do not worry about that.

All Death Eater Rp'ing (if any exists) is also held for 3 days.

I'm asking people who work for me, if they have the furni, to make their own offices.
A small one will do.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated, as I plan to get all/most rooms done.

`Thanks for your co-operation. I'm sure this will benefit everyone.

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